Light+Building /

client ACDC

ACDC Lighting, a specialist in global architectural LED lighting, approached Arting to design a stand for Light + Building 2014. Arting created an architectural stand that appears both transparent and intriguing. Through its appeal it beckons visitors to explore the ACDC universe. The layout begins with an outer semi-public corridor from which visitors can experience the ACDC product range quietly. A more intimate atmosphere was created in the inner core.  Here, ACDC staff would greet important stakeholders in relative seclusion. The stand’s façade is made of white wooden slats. Cut and arranged to give the impression of a uniform mass that has been divided by penetrating light, the façade maintains a barrier between inside and out, while referencing the effects of light and shadow. The sharp form of the slats, combined with the softer arch of the entrance, creates an interesting mix of solidity and diffusion, reminiscent of the play of light on buildings and interiors. In order to make ACDC’s product range come to life and foster the best context for experiencing the various LED light colors, the outer corridor is kept in white.  This also creates a luminous contrast to the dimmed and cosy atmosphere of the inner lounge space. The circular inner lounge features dark plywood walls and floor as well as warm textile furniture and woods.